Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vacation rentals for New Zealand and the rest of the world

If you are seeking accommodation for your holidays in New Zealand, try New Zealand Vacation Rentals. There I can see 2 categories - North Island and South Island. However, this site is only one small section of vacation rentals where you can seek holiday accommodations in any part of the world.

New Zealand is part of Polynesia, consisting of many islands spread over a huge triangle in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is unique in that it has a temperate maritime climate compared with the rest of Polynesia which mainly have a tropical climate. Hawaii shares in the Polynesian roots with New Zealand, but differs in that it has a warm tropical climate and probably more conducive to tourism. If Polynesian culture is what you seek to experience, but you prefer a warmer climate, you should opt for Hawaii and for holiday accommodation, that can be arranged easily by Hawaii vacation rentals. Hawaii consists of hundreds of islands and atolls, but there are only eight main populated island, and one of them is Maui. This is the second largest of the island, the largest of which is Hawaii Big Island.

Maui is a pleasant island and in fact its population is reported to be growing because those who have visited the island before found it so conducive for living that they decided to settle down there. Wailea on Maui is a high class area with many luxurious hotels and resorts plus exclusive golf and tennis clubs and is a magnet for celebrities. I heard Wailea is a favourite destination of Paris Hilton, but she is not alone. There are lots more other celebrities who frequent Wailea. It seems Wailea is a great place for celebrities watching. Wailea is expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives on Maui, like the nearby and more affordable Kihei or Makena, where your pocket is spared, but you still get to enjoy all that the beautiful Maui have to offer.

You can check all this out at Maui vacation rentals.

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