Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Zealand, Australia and others

Online Hotel Search and Booking is a website that lists hotels of countries all over the world, but unfortunately, New Zealand has not been added to their list yet. However, New Zealand and Australia is close to each other and I believe it is not uncommon to hold dual citizenship of both countries. Plus while you will need a passport, I think New Zealand citizen do not need a visa to visit Australia. And if you are a visitor to New Zealand, since you have come so far, you might just as well visit another country. Australia is not that far away plus you have a much bigger area to chose to visit than New Zealand. For accommodations in Australia, look at Australia Hotels and Other Lodging. You will see a loooong list of hotels there, plus there is a map of Australia with a few names of Australian cities which is clickable.

However, if you are travelling as a family with small children, you may want to look for family-friendly hotels. Australian states and cities are included in the list of places for family-friendly hotels, but unfortunately, at the time of publishing of this post, search for family-friendly hotels in various places in Australia produced this message: "Error !! There is a problem with your request. There are no Family Friendly Hotels registered with us at this time in City." However, since they are listed, I am sure they are working hard to find family-friendly hotels to list in those cities. But there should be plenty in cities in the United States of America, which New Zealanders would feel comfortable visiting as they are also an English speaking country with similar culture.

New Zealanders are environmentally conscious, and may want to seek eco green lodging, but unfortunately, I don't see either New Zealand or Australia listed. But there is a promising message there: "More coming soon".

Or perhaps you are a yoga enthusiast. At yoga retreats, I found Australia Yoga Retreats which listed one Australian yoga retreat at Byron Bay, New South Wales. This showed that they are actually working hard to get more listing and have found some success.

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