Friday, January 11, 2008

New Zealand and Spain: Similarities and Differences

Similarities between New Zealand and Spain

Both Spain and New Zealand have a Monarchy, both are parliamentary democracies, both have numerous island. In both countries, the majority of its population are of European descent. Both have been ruled over by others, in the case of New Zealand, it was ruled from United Kingdom and part of the British Empire, the empire on which the sun once never set. In the case of Spain, it came under Roman, then Germanic, then Muslim rulers.

Difference between New Zealand and Spain

Spain has its own king, currently King Juan Carlos I while the nominal Head of New Zealand is the Queen of New Zealand, Elizabeth II of United Kingdom. However, it is said that the Queen 'reigns but does not rule' as she do not have any political influence, her position being mainly symbolic. New Zealand is very much isolated from the rest of the world, so isolated that it has very unique flora and fauna from the rest of the world, including Spain. Examples are it is said that there are no man-eating animals or snakes in New Zealand, but am wondering about the rats, if they exist in New Zealand.

The climate of Spain is extremely diverse, but can be roughly divided in three areas:

  1. The inland areas of the Peninsula (mainland) has moderate Continental climate

  2. The region along the southern and eastern coasts starting from the Andalusian plain up to the Pyrenees on the seaward side of the mountain ranges has a Mediterranean climate

  3. The region often referred to as Green Spain comprising Galicia and the coastal strip by the Bay of Biscay has an Oceanic climate

New Zealand's climate is mild and temperate, mainly maritime, with temperatures rarely falling below 0 °C or rising above 30 °C.

Architecture of New Zealand and Spain

The architecture of New Zealand is difficult to classify but I think it should mainly be influenced by its previous connection with the United Kingdom and perhaps to some extend, the Maori culture.

Buildings in Spain has been influenced by its previous conquest by the Romans, the Moorish (Muslim) invasion in 711 A.D, and later, Christian influences. Spain have had Renaissance architecture, Spanish Baroque, the Colonial style and Neoclassicism. The 19th century saw more uses of iron and glass as the main building materials.

Spanish Villas

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Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain located on the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is a major economic center, a major Mediterranean port with Spain's second largest airport, the Barcelona International Airport and an important cultural center plus a major tourist destination with a rich cultural heritage. You can see the architectural works of Lluís Domènech i Montaner and Antoni Gaudí which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Canary Islands

The Canary Islands comprises seven islands of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean located off the north-western coast of mainland Africa (Morocco and the Western Sahara). The Canary Islands are an autonomous region of Spain which is disputed by the Morocco. But this dispute should not worry tourists who can visit and enjoy the many wonders of the Canary Islands without interference.

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Tenerife Island

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