Friday, March 21, 2008

Contact lenses for New Zealand residents

Here is an interesting Contact Lenses online merchant for New Zealanders, especially those who need contact lenses. Why interesting? Because I found a 110% Guarantee on their website for New Zealanders purchase their contact lens from them! Where did that extra 10% came from? Perhaps from the fact that purchasers can "Buy now, pay later" (pay nothing until you receive your receive your lenses which is completely different from other online merchants which require payment upfront before they initiate shipment of goods to you), perhaps from "Fast and Free shipping" (on every order above NZ$149. Wonder if that applies to their purchasers who are not residing in New Zealand), or perhaps from their claim to be the largest supplier of contact lenses in New Zealand). Whatever it is I am going to find out and hope to update this if I receive any response from them to my email after I publish this post.

What else do I see in this contacts (contacts as in contact lenses, not how many contacts you or they have) online merchant website? Other conveniences I see is that you can easily refill your last order by just typing in your email address or phone number in a box and click "GO" or opt for "Autorefill" which I suppose to mean that for certain purchases, they have a record of how long your last purchase will likely last and send you the next shipment without you doing anything. Great for forgetful New Zealanders. That online merchant also provide for their purchasers to tract their order, something which normally only those shipping via large courier companies can do.

On another page, I found that their purchasers can save up to 70% on brand name contact lenses and have them delivered to your home or office, quickly and easily, pay online with ePay, by phone or by mail using your credit card or a cheque. They also guarantee the lowest price. How exactly this guarantee works I do not know. Hope to update you on this.